About Us


Anti-Social Club, Ent. is an independent entertainment company specializing in hip-hop and rnb music. Along with spectacular live entertainment!

Owned and operated by PLAYYBOI PUDD. (main artist).

the primary function of this entity is music, but all areas of entertainment as a whole. 


Playyboi pudd is a new emerging artist stepping foot on the scene.

Playyboi Pudd is from Camden, NJ,

Considered to be the bottom of the bottom because of it's broken down communities, full of crime and poverty stricken. his music stems mostly from his environment and past experience.

Playyboi Pudd was Born august 28th. a summer baby!

His style and flow is like no other, and he can't be denied as one of the best. But of course, judge for yourself!

Playyboi pudd says he's one of the best new artists! making some of the best new music! and one of the best new songwriters!

you can't count him out


We're interested in working and collaborating with you if the job description fits our choice of work, and if your drive and passion is up to par!

If you wish to work with PLAYYBOI PUDD (song features, video model, modeling, touring, etc.) submit material to antisocialclub1@gmail.com

Or to book PLAYYBOI PUUD leave a message in the contact section on the website or email directly at antisocialclub1@gmail.com